Our pricing is based upon the requirements of the site being designed. All work is priced on a per hour basis.  We work hard to stay within our estimates and to bring our customers a quality product too.

     We prefer a three step process in site design:
  Step 1:  Initial consultation with client to find out their
               wants and needs in a website. At this meeting
               we will give our best estimation of work hours
               needed to complete the project.
  Step 2:  Our designers will look into possibilities for
               domain names, hosting, and website designs.
               Then another meeting with the client is set up to
               present this research and to allow the clent some
               (usually three) choices for their new site.
  Step 3:  Once the foundational decisions have been made
               we will work to complete the website in a
               reasonable time frame.  Most websites take about
               a month to complete